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Kick in the Pants

My goodness, it's been 2 years since I've been on this site... Since that time, I had a serious fall down the stairs, quit my day job & spent 6 months recuperating from the stress, worked at a big box home improvement store for a time and then took another job in my area of expertise that is farther from home leaving me with little time to attend to my store or projects.

Like many (most, I hope!) people, I'm now remaining at home to flatten the Corona virus cure. As someone who works in Healthcare, I can't stress how important it is that we take this crisis seriously- take care of yourself, your loved ones and your community by being "anti-social" and practice physical distancing!

So, the Corona virus has been a kick in the pants for me and has given me time to refocus... not only on this site but on unfinished projects (and new ones) that deserve to be completed. On that note, a special "thank you" for my VERY patient daughter- she never nags me when projects linger longer than I said they would (the renovation of her bathroom has been in a half-finished state for a year now....).

Our current times are tough but find the silver lining in slowing down- notice those little things that make you smile or connect you (distantly!) to those you care for. My wish for everyone- continued health. My hope for those experiencing more time on your hands than you ever had before... fill those hours doing things that are special to you and give you happiness and peace. Let's be safe out there, people!

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