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Stinkin' Cute (as my friend says)

I found the cutest juice glasses today at my favorite consignment store. As my friend Betty says: "they're stinkin' cute". And yes, yes they are!

I wanted to pass on them.... I don't NEED anymore glasses .... there were only 2.... soooooo.... they came home with me. I just couldn't leave without them! Look! Could you?!? Just look at the jaunty ringmaster and the happy, clever dogs performing tricks- SO CUTE!

After bringing them home, I (naturally) started to do some research. First, I found out that today is National Puppy Day! Another good reason to have purchased these glasses, right?

Then, I found that they are part of a larger, themed set of glasses depicting circus figures:

They seem to fall into the category of promotional collectibles that had their heyday pre- and post-WWII. They were containers for processed foods, (cheese, jam, etc.) made in collections that a consumer could purchase time and again in order to collect an entire set- how posh! "Swanky Swig" is loosely used as a term for all collectable drink ware from the 1930-50s but it was the title Kraft Foods used to describe THEIR collections.

The glass container themes ranged from animals to sports and multitudes of florals. A quick search on Goggle and Pinterest revels collections that include kid-friendly themes to simple striped or abstract designs to fit any decor from Americana to Mid Mod. Consumers ate this promotion up (pun intended!) as the glass containers continued to be useful even after the product was finished. Very clever, those promoters!

Decorated glass tumblers vary widely in price depending on the condition and the collection. Some appear to be in high demand or are quite rare due to their age. I'm sure that my family had some of these when I was growing up- I just don't remember any particular collection in my house!

I'm sure that now that I know more about this vintage item, I'll notice them more on outings to flea markets, yard sales and consignment stores. I plan on using these happy glasses frequently- they make me smile with their whimsical pattern!

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