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Island oasis

That's a pretty big expectation for a kitchen island, isn't it? The old island was a two-level awkward monstrosity (IMHO) so the new island has a few points that it must satisfy to meet my expectations: 1. large enough counter space for food prep, 2. room for seating, 3. wired for electricity, 4. better traffic flow through kitchen.

I'm reusing two of the three base cabinets for the new island so I'll be losing some storage space meaning.... time to downsize and get rid of some items I rarely use. Goodbye s'mores maker, old tupperware and odds and ends!

I didn't take many photos of the building of the island, too busy figuring it out on the fly- I DID have a plan, I just didn't put it on paper first. ; )

Here's a picture of the two salvaged base cabinets aligned with the final two support from the original island (trying to get an idea of the footprint for the new island) and one with a temporary plywood countertop and the VCT tile dry run- after all, I still need to use my kitchen during all this!

Ah- here's some pictures of the building process! 2x4s were salvaged from the old island and used to build an "L" - they are necessary because I want to rewire this island for electricity along two sides. The VCT tile is still only dry laid, I'm liking the design but found that on the far side of the island, the tile did not "match up". THAT little incident forced the decision to lay the floor before installing the island. I would tear out my hair if the tiles didn't align correctly!

Here, I've wired the island. The "missing" outlet is actually the first outlet that will eventually be connected to the main wire from the circuit box so it will have to wait until the island is finally anchored to the floor. I'm reusing one of the old outlets and I purchased two outlets with USB ports- a must in a modern kitchen, right?

I'm eager to get the VCT glued! My daughter helped me to relocate the island to the deck where it will have to wait until the floor is done. It was wrapped in tarps to protect it from the elements until further notice.....

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