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How time flies!

Well, goodness! It's been a year since I last wrote anything here... Lots of things have happened to keep me from refinishing more furniture and posting them here- there were changes at my full-time work and an accident falling down the stairs at home. My little escapade "only" necessitated 13 (thirteen!) staples in my scalp but nearly a year later, I still don't have full range of motion in my neck and I notice a loss of strength in my arms and hands. I never thought a "little fall" could be so dangerous- I'm very thankful that my parents and adult daughter were home and took care of me.

More ambitious projects in the works had to be postponed but I DID manage to finish the Hawaii needlepoint project I had been working on- it is now a pillow that is proudly displayed (and used!) in the family room.

And I cleaned the guts (electronic connections) of the vintage stereo console, swapping out the gross blue and gold cotton fabric (ick) covering the speakers for a groovy silver speaker cloth- looking and sounding good!

Now that I'm (nearly) back to pre-fall health, I've got more projects going and I hope to post them here soon.

Here's to a safe, healthy and happy new year- use those stair hand rails, my friends!

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