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Passing the time old style

Well, the weather this weekend was not as bad as they had predicted but I still stayed inside. "Santa" had brought me a tea towel by Catstudio for Christmas that I had planned on turning into a throw pillow- I was removing the colorful rick-rack in preparation when I decided that the design just screamed "needlepoint!" So, out came my poor lonesome hoop and embroidery floss and I got to work. I don't think I've done any hand embroidery since- well, I can't even remember but I think I may have been living in Germany (MANY years ago)....

If you're a fan of needle-work you know the feeling you get as you choose your colors and the piece starts to fill in, stitch by stitch. This project won't be finished for several weeks, but I look forward to doing a little bit each evening as it is soooo relaxing and gives me something creative to do. Anyone else out there working on sewing projects as the weather keeps you indoors?

Here's what I've got done so far-I grew up in Hawaii so that's the design I chose. : )

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