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Opportunity knocks!

In the Northern Virginia area, we were blessed with some unusually warm weather- when I got home from work today the skies were clear and the temperature was a balmy 70 degrees! I took the opportunity to open the garage doors and get to work on the Sculptra Magna dresser I found last month. How wonderful to be able to work outside on furniture again- cleaning, sanding, repairing.... nothing makes me happier! : )

Rather than going on and on about this wonderful line of furniture, check out this great post from Mad for Mid-Century:

This poor dresser top has been abused but through the scratches and gouges it appears that the top is a solid piece of wood- no worries sanding through a veneer! : )

The raised/sloped back lip on the dresser is actually a clever idea- nothing falls behind it!

Aaaahhhhh! Nice and smooth to the touch and that lovely wood- I swoon!

I can't wait to work on the rest of this piece but the weather is going to turn cold again and until I get a new outlet installed for the garage heater, I will only be working INdoors on upholstery and accessory items- anyone know a good electrician in the Manassas area?

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